This page presents the main features of the programme for the summer school gatherings. All speaker presentations and video links have been made available for streaming from this site, and also for downloading should summer school organisers require these ahead of time.

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Video presentations

The plenary presentation videos on the above topics are intended for viewing collectively as part of the summer school programme. These videos will provide basis for further exploration and reflection by participants in subsequent workshops and reflection sessions. Everyone’s contributions to discussions will be encouraged and welcomed.

Plenary video presentations will highlight key aspects of the vision of Bahá’u’lláh for humanity, the capacity of every individual to contribute to the realisation of this vision, and how communities can release the society-building power of the Faith in ever greater measures in the years ahead.

List of video presentations

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Day One | Bahá’u’lláh’s Vision for Humanity

Day Two | Building Vibrant Communities

Day Three | A Universal Education System for all Ages

Day Four | Contributing to Social Transformation

Day One | Bahá’u’lláh’s Vision for Humanity

(Presented by Mr Stephen Hall, former House of Justice Member)

Mr Steven Hall is presenting the keynote address.

Mr Steven Hall dedicated over a decade of service to the Bahá’í community as a member of the Universal House of Justice, from 2010 until 2023. He has written many articles on pertinent Bahá’í topics and presented several talks spanning a broad range of Bahá’í themes. His insightful contributions continue to inspire and educate audiences worldwide.

The primary aim of the presentation (40 minutes) and workshop (50 minutes) is to assist the friends to clarify their understanding of the essential purpose of religion and to reflect on the implications this purpose has for us, both individually and collectively. As such, Mr Hall will touch on the following aspects:

The vision and purpose of religion

  • Humanity’s encounter with God over millennia culminating in Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation
  • What Baha’is are currently striving and learning to do throughout the world, in light of the guidance of the House of Justice, and the impact it is having against a backdrop of disintegration and increasing horror.

The capacity of every individual to contribute to the realisation of this vision

  • The inherent potential of every individual
  • Sustaining the spirit of faith


  • At the heart of the collective enterprise it is about profound relationships and mutual support

Day Two | Building Vibrant Communities

(Presented by Mr Devon Gundry, South Island Regional Council)

Day Three | A Universal Education System for all Ages

(Presented by Mrs Tautala Asaua-Pesa, Institute Board secretary)

  • The centrality of education to the transformative processes
  • How the institute is the potent instrument to help bring about change
  • How the education system of the institute is seamless from children to
    junior youth to youth and adults.

Day Four | Contributing to Social Transformation

(Presented by Mrs Jaimee Lolo, Auxiliary Board member)

  • Understanding and building Bahá’u’lláh’s vision for humanity, using a
    universal educational system
  • Becoming more conscious of the social, economic or cultural barriers
    that are impeding peoples spiritual and material progress.
  • Social transformation – a process of significant and lasting change
    within a society or a community, aimed at creating a more just, and
    sustainable future through collective efforts taken by individuals or groups
  • Education that will ensure we have a befitting answer for the peoples of
    the world when they ask us what do the Bahá’ís do to serve Humanity?
  • Empowering people as a service to humanity
  • Social transformation to meet our material needs and to restore our
    spiritual needs

Additional Videos | Below are a selection of videos shared by the North Island Regional Bahá’í Council