The resources on this page will be updated and added to regularly.

Sessions and schedule

  • For an outline of daily topics and descriptions of plenary video presentations see the Programme page.
  • For workshop resources, see Workshops.

Engaging with friends from the wider community

These suggestions may be helpful for interesting others in attending the summer school or in engaging with others following the summer school.

Arrange a time to view any of the following videos, either in full or in part:
After the viewing, have a conversation based on the film.
  • Pick a topic such as the equality of men and women, oneness of humanity, human rights and well-being of all, community building, youth as protagonists of change, how to work together and care for each other during the global health crisis, etc. Study a few poignant quotations relating to this topic to spark conversation. Try to be action oriented.
  • Arrange a special day with whanau and friends of participants from an existing children’s class, junior youth group, study circle or group of friends that hold a regular devotional gathering. Depending on needs, interests, energies and resources, these groups could either focus on learning something, strengthening their fellowship and unity, doing some service to the local community, or creating arts together.

Promotional items

Promotional items such as Flyers and Posters may be made available to support promotion of the regional summer schools. They will be listed below when they are made available.

Photography policy

Please make participants aware of the following. Photos taken at this event may be used by Bahá’í institutions/agencies in Bahá’í publications such as websites, social media pages, newsletters, and promotional materials – both online and hard copy. Photos may also be archived. Those who do not agree to the use of their images for these purposes, please make this known to the organisers, and your wishes will be respected. Also, parents should state if they do not agree to the publication of images of their children.