These resources are provided for use in summer school workshops.

Day One | The Evolution of a New Society

Materials for first workshop session, Day One – The Qualities of Society Building

Materials for other Day One workshops

Day Two | Widening the Circle of Participation

Widening the Circle of Participation workshop

Gracemere groups of families narrative

Please see the above workshop materials for discussion questions about this narrative.

Day Three | Contributing to Social Transformation

Extracts from Ruhi Books

Provided here are extracts from Book 5.1 and Book 14.1 as well as a tutor guide for each extract. Summer school participants can choose to study the extract from either Book 5.1, Book 14.1 or both. Please note that these files are provided for summer school use and should not be circulated for other purposes.

Book 5.1, Section 16 – and Tutor Guide

Book 14.1, Sections 1 to 3 – and Tutor Guide

Readings for seminar discussion

The materials for Day Three include a supplementary video discussing participation in public discourse. This video refers to the 1 December 2019 message on behalf of the House of Justice, regarding social media and non-involvement in politics, and the 2 March 2013 message to the Bahá’ís of Iran. This discussion video may be shown in another session after the plenary talk.

Day Four | Expansive Prospects for Educational Initiatives

Workshop on educational endeavours and the training institute

This workshop material contains selected quotations and a set of focus questions for small group discussion.